Autumn and Me


I have no idea what it is with me and autumn, but I know for sure that whenever it’s October or November and I’m daydreaming, the image of me being in a house in autumn always pops in my mind. It’s happened for years.

I see myself standing in a kitchen, its window facing a large lawn. It is dim, the room is taking on an orange tint from the late afternoon sun. I’m looking out of the window. Alone, but not lonely. The tranquility is so soothing that I enjoy every second that passes. The road is quiet, wet. Leaves with various shades of colors are falling, the wind dancing. It is just me and serenity, and drizzle as the background music.


7 thoughts on “Autumn and Me

  1. Autumn; like I was walking in the dark. There’s none left but the whispering wind. Autumn; when the poetic words come in daylight when the sun arose in his yellow mode.

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