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Okay I feel like hugging someone now. I feel like hugging… Mr. Tony Fernandes the man of AirAsia. I mean, really?? Just over a week ago AirAsia invited us to their Bloggers’ Community party in Bangkok. The excitement, the tingling butterfly feelings still remain and now they’re giving away free seats and all they ask is us to write a blog post??? I can’t believe this generosity, but here I am writing stuff that possibly takes me to India next year. *wobbling head*

AirAsia Free Seats AirAsia

So yesterday I received a notification on my AirAsia mobile application about the free seats promo coming up, and I was wondering if I would get the best deal for flights to India. Suddenly… Look at my inbox this afternoon! There’s an email challenging me to tell AirAsia about the must-do festival for 2016 I want to participate in! I think the universe is giving me a hint.

To begin with, why India?

Well, growing up in Indonesia in the 1990s, your afternoons must have been filled with Indian films which most of the time showed that the bad guys were policemen with thick moustache, and there was always this muscular guy trying to stand on the word justice. I watched with my late grandma who could be so sentimental, shouting at the TV.

“Run! Run! He’s a bastard he’s going to rape you!”

And then you were a teenager and there were these dudes named Shahrukh and Salman Khan, who made Indian films even more interesting to watch because they were (are) such drop dead gorgeous hunks, and they played (play) in kinda romantic titles.

Hot Indians! Beware!

Hot Indians! Beware!

Then you knew the internet, you knew chatting rooms and your first e-pal was Indian (his name was Kiran, and I said “was” because he passed away already). So India it is. My fondness of this country has flourished since I was a kid.

Now! India… And festivals… Diwali? Ah yes the festival of lights. But you also know Holi the festival of colors, don’t you?

I'm pretty sure the modern Holi isn't as elegant as in the ancient time...

I’m pretty sure the modern Holi isn’t as elegant as in the ancient time…

Whaaat?? No! Not that running event in which people throw you red, blue, yellow, pink powders! That’s so weird! I refuse to run to have my body colored. I’m just too fat. I just want to be in the middle of crowds waiting for various colors and water splash my face, while loud music is drumming into the sky. That my friends, is the stupendous fun during Holi Festival. Lord I totally dream of enjoying this event! I’ll 100% reveal my true spirit of festivity in March 2016, when it takes place next year. Live from the land of India of course! *playing Pungi to charm snakes*

Jokes! I kinda hates snakes they give me nightmares.

Jokes! I kinda hates snakes they give me nightmares.

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