I Once Knew Someone


I once knew someone.

Who became the shoulder to cry on, when I found out that my world had betrayed me. And I thank him for the cheese pasta he cooked, the movies we watched together, the board games we played and the stupid cynical jokes he threw.

I once knew someone.

Who said “Hello” to my sorrow, and made my days colored with rainbow. And I thank him for the songs he shared, and the hours of thumb-talking. He lent an ear to my dreams, and was there when I felt like I were juggling frogs!

Oh, it wasn’t someone. There were two.

4 thoughts on “I Once Knew Someone

    • Yah, adalah manusia-manusia yang dikirim Tuhan pas aku lagi down. Tapi begitu aku udah berdiri lagi, atas rencana Tuhan juga mereka pergi. Yang satu balik ke negaranya, yang satu punya pacar. Haha…

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