Once There Was A Boy


Once there was a boy. Who played the guitar and banjo. He serenaded songs with joy. He wrote lyrics while sipping espresso.

There was one thing though. He thought his music was cheapo. He completely didn’t know. When he sang he had this glow.

Baby please have a throw. You should be in a show. People will come see, overflow. And listen to you on radio.

His girlfriend believed he got the ammo. To make the world go wow. “But sweetheart I’m only a cowboy. So just let me go to the rodeo.

He kissed her, left with a bow. Walking towards a big tree of Willow. The girl let him go. A singer or a cowboy, she’d still love him so.

7 thoughts on “Once There Was A Boy

    • Hey how are you JejakAndi? Yes indeed it’s been a long time. Haha anyway, it’s fictional. I wrote it quite a long time ago and decided to put it here ‘cuz I hadn’t written anything in November.

      • I am fine, Mbak. Sik lupa nama aslimu, Metta? I am quite sure that I am happy. How about you, I rarely see you, or that was me that missed your posts?

        Ah so you didn’t have a journey this very end of summer? I remember that you used to be traveling across the world, went to Warsawa stadium, Rusia.

        Oh so it’s just a fictional story, I remember that your husband is a musician so I guessed that is your stories. Hahaha maapkan saya. 😁 😁 😁

      • Ahaha close, Andi! It’s Mita. Well you know, being a corporate slave can really use up your time. I’ve been blogging just once or twice a month. Shame.

        Now that you mentioned about traveling, I don’t think there has been a new place that I visited this year. I just went to Singapore to watch Manchester United vs Inter Milan (but didn’t put it here, just on my Instagram). It was awesome I was ecstatic because MU is my favorite team.

        You’re right. My husband is a musician but he plays the guitar only, not Banjo. Ahaha.

        How has your life been?

      • Oh yeah Mbak Mita. If my memory is not wrong, you were an English teacher. But ah… I don’t think so, even if we have a buch of busy schedules, we still have a time for writing. It’s depend to us for what we spend times that has given. Come on, Mbak. I really love to read your writing. It’s such a joy.

        Oh you love MU, meanwhile the opposite team you’ve mentioned is my second favorite Italian club. 😁

        Oh I see.

        My life? It’s a flat life. I don’t see development nor challenging life. I still nowhere travelling to another place.

      • Ahaha yeah I know it’s not an excuse, saying that I’m too busy to write. I still actively write but it’s all on my phone notes. Maybe I should start sharing them here.

        Really?? Inter Milan is your favorite? I used to love Inter when Zanetti was still a player there. I’m such a 90s kid. Haha.

        I also feel my life hasn’t been exciting but this year it’s all about personal learning for me.

      • Yeah, that’s good. Yeah that’s very good.

        Chelsea first, Roma 2nd and I start to love Inter because of Mr. Conte. Yeah I think every football fans no matter what club they supported they would love Javier Zanetti because he’s absolutely fisrt class footballer. I love Zanetti, Patrick Viera, Vieri and yeah the phenomenon Ronaldo de Lima. I watched them when I was kid too. But I was too in love with As Roma so back then is really hard to love Inter. Hahaha love is crazy.

        Yeah, but every day is everything new, let’s make it exciting again.

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