Memory of That Hallowed Nook


Remember the day we promised to meet at that hallowed nook
I got off my bike and there I noticed you in just a slight look
My skin radiated intense heat as if it was ready to cook
You were right in front of me and suddenly heavy breath was all I took

I shouted your name then you turned around smiling
Oh fuck I hope the earth would open up swallowing
I couldn’t hide how my top to toe were trembling and sweating
The I-miss-you seed inside me blushing, blossoming, exploding

We caught up on stuff during those years we grew apart
Feeling high of the fact that finally we could restart
You touched my fingers and it warmed my heart
I hope for the time to stop ticking, baby I wished hard

But the night fell and we couldn’t stay forever
I walked beside you hoping God let us come together
Having faith that you were the only possible answer
To all the things I put into words in my prayer

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