An Extract from a Novel I’ve Never Finished Writing


When you’re broken hearted, you’re supposed to stay away from whatever that reminds you of the boy that has broken your heart. It is indeed a good piece of advice. But I think, I’m just stupid. Instead of listening to songs that actually can make me feel better, I’ve been listening to every song that Ka has recorded. Songs he sent me when we were still together. It’s a weird feeling. I love his voice, so much. But at the same time, it’s torturing to hear him sing now that we’re no longer boyfriend and girlfriend. I guess we just love rubbing salt into the wound, don’t we? The other day, I was like, “Ugh! I hate Ka!” but then I opened the photo gallery in my phone and started scrolling the pictures of us. They still got me all smiling and giggling of course, we were so sweet and silly; a minute later I broke into tears.


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